What is Hairvii?

Hairvii is an on-demand web and mobile application that connects local clients with licensed mobile hair professionals. Hairvii is here to make sure clients stay fresh and look good the most convenient way possible right at your location at home, office or hotel


Where can I access Hairvii?

Service Providers have access to Hairvii through the website at and the free “Hairvii Pro” app in Android and IOS app stores which can also be downloaded at the right hand corner of the footer section of the homepage (Service Provider App.).


Customers (Clients) have access to Hairvii through the website at and the free “Hairvii” app in Android and IOS app stores which can also be downloaded at the right hand corner of the footer section of the homepage (Customer App.).


Advertisers only have access to Hairvii through the website at


When will I be able to Post Ads?

Ad posts will also be made available to advertisers after the pre-launch


Is Hairvii Safe?

All service providers are carefully vetted and go through a mandatory criminal background check before every successful account registration.


Who are the Service Providers?

The service providers are freelance mobile licensed barbers and stylists that provide in-home hair services via the Hairvii platform.


How do I become a Service Provider?

Service Providers need to create an account by clicking on the tab “Service Providers” located at the upper right hand corner of the website and selecting a membership plan of your choice, filing out a registration form, and completing a criminal background check process sent to your registered email address. After passing the criminal background check, log in to, set up your bank account to receive payments by entering only the last 4 digits of your SSN (mandatory for account verification), routing number and account number. Entering the wrong routing number and account will delay the account verification process.


(Below is a copy of a check showing where your routing and account number is located. You can also reach out to your banking institution for verification if you do not have a check book handy).



Note: The criminal background check is typically returned within 1 to 2 days. The turnaround time may also vary depending on the counties being searched. Holidays and weekends do not count towards processing time.You will be notified via your registered Hairvii email address upon completion. You can proceed with your account registration on Hairvii only when you pass the criminal background check. Hairvii requires a background check for service providers to ensure the safety of our customers. This makes our customers comfortable welcoming service providers to thier homes, offices or hotels. It will help increase traffic to your business.


Lastly, update your personal dashboard and start accepting in-home hair service appointments.              


How do I create a Customer (Client) Account?

Customers (Clients) first need to click on the “Customer” button in the upper right hand corner of the homepage on the website. Create a new Hairvii account via the website or mobile app, and also have the option to connect through Facebook or Google+ (Gmail). After creating your account, log in to, or through the Hairvii mobile app to update your personal dashboard and search for service providers to book your appointments.


How do I Post My Ads?

Advertisers need to create a new account under the “Post Your Ad” button on the website homepage. Select an advertisement plan, pay for the ad space, and post your new ad. (Note – Subscriptions only starts upon admin approval of your Ad Posts).


How do I book appointments?

Customers (Clients) must search for service providers on the website or mobile app and book an appointment with your preferred service provider.


How far are the service providers located?

Service providers (barbers and stylists) only within a 30-mile radius will show up under a client's search results.


How do I close out appointments?

Service Providers -  All appointment must be marked “complete” immediately after an appointment is completed with a client, marked as a “No Show” when clients do not show up for an appointment, and only "cancel" when a service provider can’t make an appointment.

Customers (Clients) - All appointment must be marked “complete” when an appointment is completed with a service provider and should be cancelled 24 hours prior to the appointment start time when you can’t make an appointment to avoid a cancellation fee. All cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment start time will be subject to a non-refundable cancellation and processing fee.


What are the different types of membership plans for service providers?

  • Elite Plan ~ Subscription fee covers the "Basic Web and Mobile app. Functionalities", "Blog Posts" on the website for more exposure to new clients, and "One (1) Footer Ad Post" to advertise your products and services 
  • Pro Plan ~ Subscription fee covers both the "Basic Web and Mobile app. Functionalities" and "Blog Posts" on the website for more exposure to new clients
  • Classic Plan ~ Subscription fee covers ONLY the "Basic Web and Mobile app. Functionalities"


What is the minimum service cost?

Hairvii's minimum service cost is $40.


What are the acceptable payment types?

Debit and credit cards are currently the only acceptable form of payments. Hairvii does not accept cash payments.

(Note: Card payments makes it possible to charge "no show and cancellation fees" which helps to protect service providers)


When will my bank card be charged after booking an appointment?

All debit and credit card transactions are pre-authorized 24 hours prior to the appointment start time and charged after the appointment has taken place. Your appointment will be automatically cancelled if you end up not having enough funds in your bank account to cover the service cost within the 24 hour period. This is to ensure service providers get paid for all services they provide.


How long does it take to receive payments?

Service Providers - Your first payment will take 7 business days to post to your bank account due to the mandatory bank account verification process. Afterwards, all ongoing payments after the first payment will be deposited into your bank account on a 2 day rolling basis.








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